Jonathan has been backpacking in USA for several times and each time he is there, he’ll never forget to visit some of the restaurants that can satisfy his humongous appetite! To know more about his experiences and recommendations, see below.

Name: Jonathan Ong

Nationality: Singaporean

Food Destination: America

  Q: So.. Jon, of all types of food, what kind of food do you naturally gear towards? Spicy, sweet, savoury, meat, carbohydrates etc.

A: I generally like eating meaty stuff. If I had a choice, I’d classify myself as a carnivore more than anything else. Cows are my favourite animals, simply because that’s where beef comes from. And pretty much every part of a cow can be made into a delicious meal!  

Q: Now that I know cows are your favourite, if you had to live on one food item for the rest of your life, would it be cows too?

A: Yes! I’d eat Arrachara beef wrapped in flour tortillas every day of my life if I could!


  Q: Ok, having been to USA for so many times, you must be really familiar with their local delicacies. What are some of the must-try that you would recommend to travellers going to US?

A: There really isn’t such a thing as local delicacies in USA. Seeing how it’s such a large country, there’s just something unique and good in each state and city. But if I were to recommend one, it would be Zingerman’s in Michigan, Ann Arbor. It’s a jewish delicacy serving the most amazing sandwiches and cakes. El Quijote is another must try Spanish restaurant in New York. They serve seafood that’s to die for, in portions fit for Hercules. And the last experience, in Miami, gourmet store Marky’s, there are huge choice of special food but deli meat - Wagyu Hanger Steak, Jamon Iberico, Chorizo are really high-quality food.  


Q: Lastly, can you share with us the most memorable eating experience from your trip?

A: Tasting the beef in Cancun, Mexico, was by far the most memorable eating experience I had. I pretty much ate a KILOGRAM of beef a day. It was Heavenly!